Rainbow Car Wash  Monthly Pass

For a flat monthly fee customers can wash their cars as much as they like! The monthly charge to a credit card is automatic and continues until the account is cancelled. The price for each wash package is
equal to 3 individual washes. Wash packages can be upgraded for a single use at the cash booth. For example, if you have a monthly pass for the Super wash and decide to upgrade to the Supreme wash one time just pay the difference between the washes, in this case $2.

Premium Wash $16. Extreme wash monthly $48.

Supreme Wash $13. Supreme wash monthly $39.

Super Wash $11. Super wash monthly $33.

Basic Wash $9. Exterior wash monthly $27.

The terms of agreement:

  1. Valid only at Rainbow Car Wash.
  2. Valid only for specified services.
  3. Valid for one car wash per day for designated vehicle.
  4. Monthly pass sticker must be placed by Rainbow Car Wash on registered vehicle inside lower driver’s side windshield with number facing out.
  5. Sticker cannot be placed behind tinted glass or any other product that limits viewing of sticker by Rainbow Car Wash attendant. Vehicles with tinted front windshields may not be eligible for program.
  6. Valid credit card required to participate in program. Monthly program fee will be automatically charged to customer’s credit card each month.
  7. The first charge will be on the date the customer joins and recurring charges will be made on the anniversary date each month thereafter.
  8. In the event the customer wishes to cancel the program, cancellation must be received in the form of written notification by email to rainbowcarwashkc@gmail.com or mailed to Rainbow Car Wash 4604 Rainbow Blvd. Kansas City KS 66103 or in person at our facility. If cancellation occurs mid-month, there will be no refund for remaining month(s).Provide at least 10 working days before your billing date for cancellation to take effect.
  9. There are no partial month refunds.
  10. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact Rainbow Car Wash and give notice of any changes in contact or billing information including address, email and credit card expiration.
  11. In the event customer’s credit card expires the customer’s participation in the program will be suspended and the pass will be de-activated five (5) days after the billing date.
  12. Replacement sticker: customer must notify Rainbow Car Wash if the sticker becomes damaged, is no longer visible, vehicle is sold, or windshield is replaced. The original sticker will be de-activated and a new sticker will be issued.
  13. Stickers remain the exclusive property of Rainbow Car Wash.
  14. No other coupons or special offers may be combined with the monthly pass at any time.
  15. Pricing is subject to change without notice.
  16. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  17. Rainbow Car Wash reserves the right to terminate any monthly pass at any time without notice.
  18. No refunds for days that we close early or do not open due to weather or equipment maintenance.