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Rainbow Car Wash is an exterior express tunnel wash located at 4604 Rainbow Blvd. in Kansas City KS at the corner of 47th St. and Rainbow Blvd. We have been at this location for 40 years offering 5 wash packages including basic wash, under body, super wash, supreme and premium wash to meet different customer needs at affordable prices. We also have gasoline that we pump for you.

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How it works

Rainbow Car Wash Step 1 of Wash of a Red Classic Truck in Kansas City

All cars receive a high-pressure preparation to loosen and remove organic material such as bugs, tree-sap, bird droppings etc. Next is a low-pressure soak to loosen non-organic material like dirt, road film, tar, etc.

Then agitation by mechanical means, first the "mitter", so named because the back and forth movement simulates the action of hand washing with a wash mitt. Then the Neoglide side brushes that sweep away from the sides of the car; these are constantly sprayed with two streams of soap that clean and lubricate the surface of your car to maintain the clean but shiny look of the paint. Finally, we rinse the surface with soft water to help eliminate all water spots. Our wash levels include soft water rinsing and hand drying with gentle microfiber towels to provide that special added touch.

Rainbow Car Wash Mitters washing a red classic truck in Kansas City
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We use NeoGlide, a closed foam material that is lightweight and will not hold water, dirt or grit, which can damage a car's finish. We have courteous and committed service providers that go out of their way to ensure that your car looks as clean as new. If you are looking for fast and affordable car washing solutions that will make you feel confident about your car, Rainbow Car Wash in Kansas City already has a set of packages that you will definitely find attractive. We also have coupon books - buy 9 washes and get the 10th free.

Rainbow Car Wash

4604 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, Kansas. 66103


Open 7 days a week
Mon-Sat: 8AM - 6PM
Sun: 9AM - 5PM. Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas